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Concurrent Session: | 5 OCTOBER
Youth, Business, and Climate Action: Bridging the Gap

5 October 14:00 - 15:30 hrs (ICT)

Conference Room 3, UN Conference Centre Bangkok, Thailand


The triple planetary crisis—biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution—has significant consequences for both present and future generations. The impacts will be far reaching. With over 49% of the global population under 30, decisions related to the production and consumption of products and services will have a considerable bearing on the planet that young people inherit.


At the same time, green jobs will likely address the challenge of soaring unemployment among young people while contributing to climate change mitigation. Purchasing decisions and youth advocacy can drive demand for sustainable products and practices, putting pressure on businesses to adopt more responsible approaches. Similarly, young business leaders and entrepreneurs can bring tangible solutions to impact real change by developing new technologies, business models and initiatives that promote sustainability and responsible consumption.


This session will focus on the role youth can play in advocating sustainable production and responsible consumption and in creating green jobs, while assessing the role businesses, the UN and other stakeholders can play in ensuring youth have a voice and meaningfully engage in business and climate action agenda. Lastly, the session will identify tools, resources and entry points for youth to innovate and lead the climate change, nature conservation and responsible business agenda.


The session format will be a multi-stakeholder panel discussion with opportunities for participants to engage and ask questions.



  • Increased understanding, linkages and appreciation of each other’s’ role in promoting sustainable production and responsible consumption. 

  • Identified entry points, actions and platforms for youth to meaningfully engage with businesses to promote climate action.

  • Establish a community of practitioners involving youth and businesses to connect and exchange periodically.

Moderator and Panelists 

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